CoolCap closed its first loan in Kenya!

We’re proud to announce that CoolCap has landed its first piece of equipment in Kenya: a feed chopper. Through LishaBora, the chopper we’ve financed will support over 200 farmers, producing silage for their dairy cows in less than a quarter of the time it used to take.

Until now, these farmers have chopped feed with a machete for 6 hours every day just to provide enough food for their livestock. With these 6 hours each day locked in, most have had little time to make even small improvements on their land, never mind spending time with their family. A feed chopper completely changes the equation, producing the same amount of feed in just one hour.

To smallholder farmers a chopper means much more than boosted productivity. It means the opportunity to live a better life— to focus less on getting by, and more on building for the future.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who helped make this happen, particularly our main supplier BrazAfric Group. We’re truly humbled to help these farmers fight for better lives.

Want to see the feed chopper in action? Check out the demo clip below! We think you’ll agree, it’s much quicker than a machete.

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