About CoolCap

Our mission:
To provide smallholder farmers with access to leap-frog technologies
that reduce manual labor, and increase both farm production and household income.


Most of us imagine that living on a farm would be hard work … dawn-to-dusk labor tilling soil, harvesting grain, and caring for animals. But imagine doing that work without a tractor or a truck, using the same rudimentary tools your ancestors used. This is what farming is like for billions of people worldwide.

Endless drudgery is a way of life for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

For every 10% rise in crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa, poverty drops by 7%

Smallholder farmers persist day in and day out – through droughts, floods, pests, and governmental upheaval – while remaining honest, resourceful, and hopeful. They do the best they can but are hindered by the limits of their physical labor while using antiquated hand tools and outdated techniques. It’s no wonder smallholder yields are the poorest in the world.

One piece of modern equipment could make all the difference, but that equipment has been out of reach … until now.

CoolCap was founded in 2017 by Roger Bird to change the lives of smallholders. A leader in agricultural lending and international development, in banking for over 35 years, Roger has helped underserved farmers across the globe with projects funded by USAID, Asian Development Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Bank, and other organizations in both the public and private sector.

Roger’s solution for ending poverty for smallholders is to provide them with modern equipment, which not only ends daily drudgery but also improves crops. For every 10% rise in crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa, poverty drops 7%. With over 51 million smallholder farm families in sub-Saharan Africa alone, even the slightest upturn in their production would seriously increase the food supply and reduce poverty in Africa.

CoolCap has created a simple, scalable way to make this possible. We identify high-potential farmers through wholesale buyers, we only sell equipment that pays for itself through its use, and we offer a simple pay-as-you-go approach that makes sense. Our solution is unique because we use local market systems that already exist. We want a better life for smallholder farmers – one that supports their capabilities, their communities, and the markets they serve.

It doesn’t take a fortune to significantly change a farmer’s life. It only takes enough to get the right tools into the right hands.

Your financial support will help change agriculture in Africa, one smallholder at a time.


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